Trip Reports

Departed Route Author Duration Best Advice!
Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek   "DIY"
Annapurna Base Camp Trek 6 days
British Columbia 8 days "One of the most beautiful treks in BC."
Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 days "lots of steps"
Annapurna Circuit Trek 15 days "be ready for summer and winter experience during couple of..."
Annapurna Circuit Trek   "Do it sooner than later"
Uttarakhand 6 days "go for it"
Annapurna Base Camp Trek  
Annapurna Base Camp Trek 6 days
Everest Base Camp Trek 15 days
Makalu Barun  
Annapurna Circuit Trek 15 days
Myanmar 3 days "The trek can be seasonal, so make sure you'll have pleasant..."
Other 16 days
Ghorepani/Poon Hill Trek 9 days "If you are on a unplanned tour make sure you travel with..."
Annapurna Circuit Trek   "Do not smoke and drink at high altitudes."
Annapurna Circuit Trek   "Establish ahead of time that you'd like the flexibility to..."
Other 2 days
Gokyo Lakes Trek 21 days "Absolutely do cross Renjo-la"
Ladakh 31 days "Do explore beyond the iced river"
Gokyo Lakes Trek 30 days "Always carry crampons"
Annapurna Circuit Trek  
Annapurna Circuit Trek 14 days
Shivapuri Hiking Trails 3 days "Do it"
Everest Base Camp Trek 12 days "Give yourself plenty of spare days just in case."
Annapurna Base Camp Trek 14 days "Don't miss driving through kali gandaki river few miles from..."
Peru 3 days
Three Passes Trek 21 days "Take some precaution with weather conditions, but don't..."