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  1. Hello,
    I am writing this email after going through the post that you posted about Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek. Since I am in dilemma whether to do that trek in either November 2017 or May 2018 – I thought to take your advice since you have already done the trek.
    Please do guide me as what should I do? Which month will be ideal for the trek? What I feel that, trekking in November will not let me get a chance to walk on snow? And I heard that the area looks perfect during the May when the area is covered in snow.
    Now if I travel in November no doubt I will get a good view of mountains (one of ideal month for trekking) as there will be less cloud but the area will not picturesque?
    Please do provide your feedback as it will be real helpful for me to take a call. Since we do not go to ABC often hence I don’t want to do the trek when I do not get a good view.

    • Hi Tanin, sorry for the late reply. So I did the ABC and the Circuit trek in April. While the weather during ACT was perfect throughout, we were constantly rained upon while walking the ABC trek as the Nepalese monsoon sets in. Mind you, it was still beautiful and walking in the rain has its own charm, however you do miss a lot of spectacular views, especially of Machapuchare as you progress. As we approached Machapuchare base camp, a lot of people returning were dejected saying that they could not see anything since it was so foggy, which is a shame because the views of ABC/MBC are spectacular. We were really lucky however that on the following morning we got a beautiful clear morning and visibility was superb till about 1-2 pm when the clouds rolled in again.

      Oct-Nov is generally considered to be the best time to visit Nepal for trekking as the visibility and weather are the best.

      Yes, trekking in November, especially if you only want to do the ABC trek, will not give you a chance to walk on snow.

      Hope I was able to answer your questions, feel free to ask more.

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