Manaslu Circuit Trek plus Tsum Valley

I hope to trek in Nepal starting 2nd week of October. I have a guide, I don’t need a porter. I would like to trek around Manaslu, maybe Tsum. Permits for this area require groups of 2+. I’m flexible on destination and dates after 5th October.

I have trekked over 3000m many times and over 4-5000m in Nepal and Ladakh, but I have injured my knee and I am recovering so I may have to walk slowly sometimes, especially downhill. I don’t mind trekking partners walking at their own pace. I plan to test my knee in the UK next week, then I will book my flights.



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  1. Update
    I have booked flights and this trip is confirmed to leave Kathmandu on 6th October. I have had some contact from other trekkers and a small group is forming but there is space for 1 or 2 more.
    Trek is now 20 days, Manaslu Circuit plus Tsum Valley to Mu Gompa.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I am coming back to nepal for the 4th time and manaslu is one of the last teahouse treks i have not done. Normally i walk at a fast pace but 6 months living in asia will definately slow me down although i will warm up in everest region before. Some guides do not like people going too far ahead but this is a must for me to be able to walk at my own pace. On the treks when i have had to have a guide i would get directions for trail forks in the morning then meet everyone for lunch. Same thing in the afternoon. Hopefully the guide and everyone would be happy for this if the trek happens.
    Other than that im a social guy who likes a laugh and very easy going. Im a 39yr old guy from tasmania in oz and love the outdoors. Travelled and backpacked a lot and can get along with just about anyone.
    Regards Nixon

    • Hi Nixon,
      Happy for you to join. So far people showing interest are me, Subhajit (see his post) a Spanish guy Josu and now you.
      Happy for everyone to do their own thing, pace-wise. As you’ll have seen, I have a guide, someone I’ve trekked with before. Are you looking for us all to share a guide or do you have something in mind/lined up?
      I’m chasing a price at the moment. Will let you know when I get it.

  3. Hi Chris! I’ve hiked in Nepal 4 times now since the 80’s 🙂 I’m doing a short trek, the Mardy Himal with some friends until Oct 2 and then I’m considering Manaslu by myself. Your dates sounds like a good match. Very well aware of the guide requirements so sharing one seems like ideal. My WhatsApp is +66897573050. Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Jonas and Chris.
      I will be doing Manaslu Tsum and maybe Nar Pur starting earliest on 2 October. Would you be willing to tag along just for the permit?
      I will be travelling with a guide I know from previous trip to Nepal. But the permit is a challenge.

  4. Sorry to let me share for permit only?

    • Hi Barbara,
      If the permit works that way, I can’t see a problem.
      As you will see, we have a guide and our departure date is 6th of October (poss 7th if there are issues with offices closed for Dashain.) Manaslu plus Tsum with a night at Mu Gompa.
      I’m travelling with Subhajit (you’ll see his post), our guide and a porter between two.
      Jonas and Alex are doing something else. If our dates/plans don’t work, you could try them. You might need to contact them directly as they probably aren’t checking this trip.
      Let us know.

  5. Hi Chris
    Thanks for the quick reply, appreciated. I understand we can only get the permit once in Nepal. You arrive the 6th and start same day?
    I am also travelling with a guide I know from before so it is an issue of permit only. I would like to check if somebody will start already on 2nd. But if you do not mind will keep in touch and fall back on you if i cannot find somebody startkng before. I assume it is for you and Subhajit no problem as you reached the minimum and I would only be a addition. Right? Thanks Barbara

  6. Hi,
    I arrive on 4th. Got 5th to get permit and sort out bits. Fingers crossed!
    No problem about getting in touch nearer time, and I’m sure our guide and porter will appreciate company.
    Just a heads up – because of Dashain, offices may be closed early October, or open half days but our guide thinks he can sort the permits without originals so long as it’s done by end September. Otherwise there may be a problem. We’re looking into this, but you might want to check whether extra names can be added to permits once issued.
    For easier contact btw, my email is chrisj1964(at)
    Good luck with your plans – BTW, I guess you know you can trek alone so long as you get an extra permit for a “phantom” trekker? The only issue is the extra cost.


Duration 20 days
StartKathmandu/Soti Khola