Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi, I was going to Nepal and the Manaslu Circuit trek with my daughter in April 2020, but was stopped by the corona shutdown. Now 2 years later it looks like it’s possible again, but I’m afraid my daughter have exams, my wife has a knee-problem for such a trek and my friends never seems to have the nerves.
I am 50 years of age, is in good shape, trains 4-5 days a week and are looking for a partner or two to join in for the trek.
My plan is to land in Kathmandu 31.march 2022 and leave 17.april. So start trekking around 3. alternatively, 4.april, we have 12 to 13 days for the trek. I already have contact with and Nirmal Nakarmi from back in 2020. He has kept in contact and have guide for the trek. I also want to book a jeep to and from the Manaslu Circuit trek, for convenience and to save time.
You can be male or female, in good shape and ready for long days in the Himalayas.
Me; I am Norwegian, married to Silje, have three children and is principal at a junior high school. Back in 1999, we trekked the Langtang-Gosaikund-Helambu. I have trekked the Norwegian mountains every year since I was 16 years old, both winters and summers. My interests are fishing, books, music, training, football/soccer, people and everything around a good meal and drink. I believe people with different interests match up good as long as you like to find out about others. I need a partner for this trek because two trekkers are mandatory for the Manaslu Circuit, but also because I need the company and someone to share the experience with from day to day.
We have travelled a lot through our lives, and occasions I travelled alone just didn’t make any sense. I’ve never travelled alone with strangers, but I’m afraid my dream of trekking around Manaslu will be replaced by another dream before I do it, and everything has its first time.
I hope someone out there are interested, have the time and take contact. I only have two preferences; you need to be sociable and in good shape (Most people use from 14 days or more for the trek, so 12 days means longer days in the start of the trek, because I believe in taking your time when you reach higher altitude, and also because the sheer beauty of the valley when you get to between Lho and Samdo needs for extra time.) Join in for marvellous experience.
I have quoted 1000 dollars for the trek: That includes permits, jeep, guide, accomodation and meals. That is roughly correct if we are two people, are we three or more the price goes down. Flights to and from Nepal and hotel in Kathmandu is not included. This is not an organized trip, we all pays our daily costs and to Nirmal for the permits and guide.
Sten Rune



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  1. Hi Sten, I am from India and planning to do Manaslu Circuit trek in April ’22 first week. We can join and share transport n guide costs.

  2. Great, let’s keep in contact. I haven’t booket my flight yet following the development of corona-restrictions.
    Regards Sten