I am looking to go trekking to K2 in the summer of 2022. I am looking 2-5 experienced hikers who may be interested. I have done multiple treks in the Himalayas and feel confident that this would be a good trek for the experienced trekker. It is easier than going to Everest base camp with a fraction of the people and less cost. Let me know if you would be interested in such a trek. I am an old guy and have gone on solo trips, with woman and many other types of hikers. If you are in reasonably good shape, can carry a day pack (we will get donkeys), are not afraid of traveling overseas and think the idea of trekking to K2 is really cool. I am in the planning stage and am flexible. I imagine if leaving from the USA you will need to budget a month of time and a couple of grand. I am just starting to plan, send me a note of interest.



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  1. hello robert..
    very interested trekking with you to k2..
    i live in arizona..
    please contact me,looking forward to making this happen!!
    thank you,teddy

  2. Hey Mr. teddy,

    Greetings. So I have decided to go with a trekking commercial guide: https://www.apricottours.pk/tours/

    I am not a salesman for these kids and have very little knowledge of what to expect.

    I am going in the month of July. I have booked my airfare to Istanbul and put a deposit down on the trek.

    So that is the deal.


  3. Hi Robert,
    Are you still planning to trek to K2 this summer?
    We are a group of 3 that will go with an organized trek from 3 til 24 August and we are looking for one more person to join us.
    If you are intersted, please let me know!
    Kind regards,

    • Hey Freda,

      I am actually leave tomorrow (27 July) to get up to Islamabad by the 1 July and am trekking to K2 and going passed, Gosh 1,2 Board Peak and Tango Towers. I am probably doing your same trek only a month before. If you send me a note before you go I will debrief with you on the trip.