Everest Base Camp Trek

Il be doing the Ebc trek this December starting probably on 20 or 21st .
Earlier I have done couple of treks and some passes too.
I don’t want to travel with some agency rather would like travel on my own terms & condition but at the same time it would be great to have a companion or a trekking buddy!!

I’m an Indian but fluent in Nepali so it makes the trek interesting, friendly and welcoming.
Let me know what you think.



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  1. Interested. Open to discuss further ?

    • Hi sorry for the late reply..I had to change my dates at the last moment due to covid ..but I guess everything will be back at track by the end of October..

  2. re Covid-19
    Does you know what the current trekking situation is at the moment? Are permits/TIMs available?


    • Sorry for the late reply ..yha Nepal is now open for trekking but u need to be in a group for now..

  3. Latest info from NTB:

    Thanks for getting in touch with us. We would like to kindly inform you that Nepal is open to the tourists who aspire to trek and mountaineer beginning of October the 10th. But, the trekking and mountaineering are ONLY allowed in a team. It is highly advisable that the tourists conduct the PCR test before arriving in Nepal and stay in quarantine for minimum of 10 -14 days. Please visit our website for further updates.

  4. Your plan to do EBC in 10 days looks very ambitious. It needs more time for most people.

  5. Hi how many pepoles in your team right now dear? I also plan december,