Annapurna Circuit Trek

So my date isn’t set in stone yet, but I’m hoping to do the AC in 15-16 days. I’ll be flying into KTM, then taking a bus/taxi to Besisahar, and ending in Pokhara. I’m a broke college kid, so I’m only planning on hiring a guide, and not a porter. Planning on staying teahouses where they’re and camping if I have to. If anyone has done the AC during the winter and knows a reliable guide, please comment or message me!

Also, I’ve heard a lot of different things about conditions during this time. If anyone has done the AC during late December or early-mid January, is it necessary to bring crampons and/or an ice axe for Thorong La? I’m trying to bring just the essentials gear wise.



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  1. Hi Reid, I heard about the weather during Winter [December and January], sky becomes the bluest, and the cold is manageable. I’m also thinking about AC in winter.

    Some of my friends experienced 4-5 inch snow while crossing Thorang La, and they said it was really amazing. I’m not sure if you can explore Tilicho Lake’ in winter, but the usual Circuit Trail will be okay I guess. I don’t think you will need any crampon or ice axe.

    good luck buddy 🙂

  2. Reid, I am also doing Annapurna Circuit in December/January. I think the weather will be fine and have confirmed this with a guide I used in Nepal twice before and trust. I am not using him this time as I don’t feel I need a guide on a well trodden path, but I’d be happy to pass you his details if you like. I really don’t think anyone takes crampons and axe for the pass. Yvette

  3. Hey Reid, this is gonna be my first time traveling to Nepal. I’m a 22 year old/female living in dubai. I’m planning to do the AC around the same time. Would you like to do it together? We can share contact details and further information if you are keen. Thank you 🙂