Annapurna Circuit Trek


Will arrive on 20.3. in Kathmandu. My plan is to organize permits in the morning of 21.3. and then start Annapurna Circuit.

I am an experienced hiker (Peaks of the Balkan, Alps Crossing, etc.) and am looking for easy going partner(s) to do the hike together. I plan to go without a guide or porter.

If you’re interested, send me a message 🙂



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  1. Hey!
    I’m interested. I am not a hardcore trekker, but I’ve done pretty taxing 10-11 days treks in India (not over 14k ft.)
    I intend to do this with as little expenditure as possible. If you feel we could talk, ping me back 🙂

    • This is going to be a really weird but interesting message hopefully. I’m not a hiker but God has told me to be in Kathmandu for 21st. I haven’t even got a ticket yet. I was seeing what was on in Kathmandu on the 21st and I saw the cross on your picture. There’s serious Christian persecution going on there and it’s illegal to evangelize. I’m intending to help some people there. You start your trek on the 21st but I’d like to buy you dinner. I’m on my own and I’m setting off from Manchester on the 18th it looks like. I really don’t see myself hiking for days but I think it would be nice to meet. I’m walking by faith not sight. This is a massive leap of faith for me but God is good and is with me.