Getting Started

Guides and operators can list their trips on TrekkingPartners for people to book.

To get started:

  1. Create your agency profile.
  2. Add guide profiles to your account.
  3. Post trips with your guides.

How do I post a trip?

Find a Partner

How to post a trip.

  1. Post a trip for people to join or join someone else's.
  2. Get in touch with like-minded travellers.
  3. Discuss the plans, itinerary and start date.
  4. Meet up and depart.
Step 1

Browse Trips

On TrekkingPartners, you'll find trips posted by partners and by guides. Partners are simply travellers that join you freely on a trip, as opposed to a guide whom you pay to organize everything. To find a partner, perform a search for your destination or click on 'Find a Partner' from the menu bar.

Or, if you don't find a trip that works, go ahead and post your own trip for others to join.

Post a Trip
Step 2

Share Plans

On each trip posting, you can share your plans or private message potential partners to come up with the best date and itinerary that suites for everyone.

Step 3

Meet Up

Once you've confirmed the date for your trip, pick a place and time to meet up for your departure and gather any supplies you may need.

Finding a Guide

How to book a trip.

  1. Browse guided trips for the places you're interested in.
  2. Check the guide's past client reviews.
  3. Book the perfect trip.
  4. Let other travellers know you're going.
  5. Meet up and depart.
Step 1

Browse Trips

Just like people looking for partners, guides and operators can register on TrekkingPartners and post their upcoming trips for people to join. If you are looking for a guide, click on "Find a Guide' from the menu bar and find a guide that matches your time frame and budget.

Step 2

Confirm Your Booking

Once you've found a trip you want to join, click 'Book Now' and follow our checkout process.

Step 3

Meet Your Guide

Once you've booked, your guide will receive all your details and will contact you leading up to your departure. For most trips, it's best to meet your guide at least one day prior to departure.