Will a guide help me with this Pisang Peak questions?

I would like to ask the guides out there a few questions about Pisang Peak climbing permit, payment, taxes and guides for I am willing to include it in my Annapurna Circuit trek next year.
First, is it possible to get a climbing permit from a local agency at the foot of the peak? I mean from the Pisang town?
Can I hire a NMA registered guide from the same town Pisang and what is the estimate cost? Does the guide provide you with climbing equipment, tent and food along the climb?
Do I need a certain type of health insurance or just the one I get for traveling in Nepal?
What other taxes and fees are applied to the Pisang Peak climb and how much does they estimately cost?
Do I need early preparations and paper logistics for the requirements above mentioned ?

I am looking forward to hear from you!
Thank you guys!!!


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Hello Namaste Bogdan,

Welcome to Nepal glad hear from you.

Yes sure you could get permit for local based company. but you can’t get permit from Pisang town.

you can’t get there you join some local company from kathmandu than you bring all equipment.

you need insurance as well than all Nepali staff, you do your insurance all Nepali staff doing insurance in Nepal.

yes you need advance preparation for this.

if you want for more detail I am local based trekking company from kathmandu email me: http://www.nepalhikingtrek.com @nepalhikingtrek.com">info@nepalhikingtrek.com

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Hi Bagdon, Namaste from Nepal Himalaya
I would like to inform you for your further planning to climb Pisang peak which is also a great opportunity to make challenging and high profiled experience in your life time. So, you get the requirements of climbing permit from the authorized agency in Kathmandu .You can’t get the permit from pisang town and that would just be done in Kathmandu.
Please contact for more details :
Thank you😊

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