Annapurna Trek/Tilicho Lake In December?

Hi All,

I am brand new to this group and I am hoping I can get some advice. I am planning an independent trip from 15 Dec. 2019 to 5 Jan. 2019 that I am hoping will go from Besisahar to Jomsom and include Tilicho Lake. Would this be doable in winter? Will teahouses be open? Will the Tilicho base camp be open?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Just to clarify – Besisahar is my starting point and Jomsom is my end point, but I plan on sticking to main trail and head to Tilicho from Manang, stay at the base camp and then backtrack toward Manang and then up to the Thurong La pass. My main concern is the lack of open tea houses during winter – especially Tilicho base camp.

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Hi Mike, spotted your planned trip for end of 2019. I hope it all goes ahead for you. However if by chance your plans change and you have to postpone your trip, I’m planning the same trip for late Feb-Mid Mar 2021, 14 months later.
Check out my trip on the forum and if your interested, please get in touch. Looking to build a group of 4-8 people for a once in a lifetime trek to The Himalayas.

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Sorry Gareth, my dates are fixed and cannot be changed. Best of luck.

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Hei Mike, are your dates completely fixed? Im planning to do the circuit between the 21st of December 2018 and 8th Jannuary 2019.

Btw, in accord to many posts on the lonely planet, there should be teahouses open during that period. Though not necessarily the Tilicho base camp. If I understood right, if there is enough quorum, the locals open it =D

This lonely planet forum thread as a lot of info about trekking in Nepal at that time:

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All lodges on the trail will be open, side trail to Tilichio depending on weather. But more information when you are in Manang.

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Namaste Dear Traveler,
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Thanks for the info. But yes, my dates are fixed. Maybe we meet on the trail.

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Hey guys I’m arriving a week later than both of you (26th December), will be on the bus from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar on the 28th. All the best and maybe I’ll see both of you on the trail

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Hi guys,

I stupidly left Nepal with several thousand Nepalese Rupees, which I now can’t exchange anywhere as I forgot to do so before leaving the country.

I am looking to sell these on at a very cheap rate so if you are interested please drop me a message.

I have 7,500 Nepalese rupees which equals $67 US dollars. I am happy to sell this currency for a rate of $40/45 dollars if anyone is interested?

Drop me a message if so.



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Hi Ross, be glad to take them off you for $40. I’m from the UK.
How and but what method do you wish to do this exchange which works for both of us?
Let me know what works for you & how you wish to send them over to me.

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Hello all,
I will arrive in kathmandu on 20 dec 2019. Then on 21 dec i will go to besisahar.
Here is my complete itinerary(could change for some reason) :

21 dec 19 (day 1 ) besisahar (820m) to ghermu (1130m)

22 dec 19(day 2) Ghermu(1130m) – Tal(1700m)

23 dec 19(day 3) Tal(1700m) – Chame(2710m)

24 dec 19(day 4) Chame(2710m) – Upper Pisang(3310m)

25 dec 19(day 5) Upper Pisang(3310m) – Manang(3540m)

26 dec 19(day 6) Manang(3540m) – Ice Lake (4650m, day trek) – Manang(3540m) (06.30 – 14.30)

27 dec 19(day 7)Manang(3540m)–TilichoBaseCamp(4150m)

28 dec 19(day 8)Tilicho Base Camp (4150m) – Tilicho (4919m, day trek) – Tilicho Base Camp (4150m) – Shree Kharka (4100m)

29 dec 19(day 9)Shree Kharka(4100m) – Letdar (4200m)

30 dec 19(day 10)Letdar (4200m) – High Camp (4850m)

31 dec 19(day 11)High Camp (4850m) – Thorong La(5416m) – Muktinath(3800m) (05.00 – 10.30)

1 jan 20(day 12)Muktinath (3800) – Lupra – Marpha (2670m) – (07.50 – 15.00)

2 jan 20(day 13)Marpha (2670m) – Kalopani/Lete (2535m)

3 jan 20(day 14)Kalopani (2535m) – Tatopani (1200m)

4 jan 20(day 15)Tatopani (1200m) – Ghorepani (2870m)

5 jan 20(day 16)Ghorepani (2870m) – Poon Hill (3200m) – Ghorepani (2870m) – Nayapul (1070m) – Pokhara (05.00 – 16.00)

If you guys have same dates with me,we might trek together!


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