Annapurna Circuit Weather End Feb – Mid March

Greetings to all,
One of the most important parts of any plan for a hike along this trek has to be knowing what the weather is like and the range of temperatures.
Can anyone tell me about this time of the year? I’ve read that March is not too bad a time to visit Nepal, not as busy at October which is why I’m considering Feb-Mar. When does Thorong La Pass open at the start of the year? I read somewhere that it can be closed during Feb at times due to heavy snowfall. Does anyone have any pictures of the trek at this time of year?
If so perhaps an exchange of emails can
be organised.
Thanks in advance.


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Greeting Namaste Gareth,

I did all month Annapurna Circuit trekking when I was Guide.

After Global warming Annapurna Region have not a lot of time snowing. Jan/Fb 1 time snowing not really big you could be trekking. some places little slipper buy little Crapan which cost Rs.1000.

Annapurna trekking is one of the beautiful trekking and we could do all month a year no need worry about it.

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