Wondering how to book your trek in Nepal? Here are some helpful tips to get started.

Booking Online vs. In-Person

Whether you book your trek online or in-person depends on how much time you have in Nepal and the kind of traveller you are – whether you prefer to have things arranged in advance or if you like to leave your options open. If you have a few days in Kathmandu or Pokhara, you’ll have no problem arranging any of the more popular treks on short notice. But if time’s an issue, booking online can save you valuable time and ensure that your departure is confirmed. On TrekkingPartners.com, we guarantee the same price whether you book online or in-person, so you don’t have to worry about paying more your trek online.

Advantages of Booking Online

The main advantage of booking online is having everything pre-arranged before you get to Nepal. Someone will be waiting to pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel, and you’ll know the dates of your trek so you can plan around it. If you book far enough in advance, you can also start finding people to join you by searching the partner forums to lower the price of your trek. Most trekking agencies offer a group rate.

Advantages of Booking In-Person

The main advantage of booking your trek in-person is getting a more personal feel for your guide and trekking agency. Spend a few days visiting trekking agencies and talking with your potential guide. Ask the right questions, go out for lunch together and get to know them. Visiting the agency’s office, meeting their staff and seeing how they communicate important details of the trek are things that are best done in person.

Finding the Best Right Price

If you’re booking your local trekking agencies in Nepal, it’s tempting to go with the lowest price. Keep in mind, a lower price is often not worth the savings. Too often (especially if you get lured in by a guide on the street), travellers return dissatisfied – or worse – with a story of being left in precarious situation or abandoned by a guide who wasn’t properly trained. Trekking at high-altitude carries significant risks, often life-threatening, and even as budget travellers we can’t afford to abandon our better judgment for a lower price. On the other hand, there are trekking agencies that offer the same service or less but at higher price. Finding the right price from a reliable agency for an experienced guide should be your main focus – not simply trying to find the lowest price. This is where guide reviews on TrekkingPartners come in handy, and why word-of-mouth is the best form of recommendation.

What To Expect From Your Booking

Once you’ve booked your trek, you’ll meet your guide the day before to go over the route, the details and collect any information they require of you, such as your travel insurance policy. During the trek, your guide will lead the way, arrange all the meals and accommodation, and explain the geological and cultural significance of the landscape. As they’ve done the trek many times before, you’ll be treated to certain advantages depending on the friendliness of your guide. Almost all trek bookings include airport pick-up which avoids having to negotiate for a taxi your first day. You’re in for an adventure. Nepal is an amazing country, packed full of diverse cultures and religions against the backdrop of the tallest mountains on earth. Anything we missed? Feel free to share your experience booking a trek in Nepal and any advice you have for fellow travellers.


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  1. Bart Carew

    Manaslu Circuit early March – Anyone going?

    • Hello bart, i have a experience of manaslu curcuit (3times).i also have my guide license from the department of tourism.i am ready at comfortable price. Just reply at my email for more.

    • Hello Trekkers, My Name is Gam Bahadur Rai I am a Trekking (Senior) Guide in Nepal if you wish to do Manaslu Circuit Trek it is still possible to do also in December is already too cold season in that high max over 5000 m on the Larkey pass there for I am being Trekking guide I would suggest to have warm clothes and you should find at least one more friend /participant for the purpose of Permit issue for region because we need to have special trekking permit because of this region is considered as Restricted area located to the north/west of Kathmandu the capital of Nepal well for more information you can contact me by e-mail
      Thank you !

    • Dear Juan,
      I have trekking partner for Manaslu in March and April for 16 days and it cost USD-1450 for full board so please let me know soon.

  2. Dave Nuss

    Me and my girlfriend will be arriving in Kathmandu Feb 1st and will be staying until the 16th. Looking for a scenic trek to accommodate those dates. Beginner/Middle level trek preferred. Email with me any info or availability. Thank you.

    • Dear Dave,

      Since you have around 15 days in Nepal, are you willing to go Annapurna region for trek. I highly recommend you Annapurna region because as you mention Beginner/ Middle level trek so Annapurna will the best option than other region like Everest, Manasulu or Langtang.


  3. Christine Peterson

    Hello. I was excited to find your site with the idea of booking local. I’d like to join a trek/trip that’s at least 7 days trekking. I’ll be traveling solo so would like to join another group and am open to where the trek location is. My fitness level is good so something that has a bit of a challenge without being super intense would be great. I’d like to start the trip at the end of March or beginning of April.

    Thanks for your help!


    • requisted sir or mam iam from nepal but now iam in india iam doing job in india my family is in nepal ihave to call nepal onece a day the calll rate is to esxpneive from india to nepal iam using free sms some time but my wife is not fuully educated that wy iam disterb wat is the prosedure to call nepal free without creating acount directly my computer to nepalon mobile ncell

  4. TAHA

    Hi we are a group of three students from india who plan on visiting nepal in end november and starting december. We are looking to do a trek for about 15 days but we have no experience whatsoever. We wld also like to join a bigger group if possible.
    Please cld u guide us with the best possible option for the trek we cld do and what the approximate cost would be.
    Thank You.

    • Hi Taha – would be happy to. Glad you’re planning a trip to Nepal. How old are you three? And are you looking for any kind of trek in specific or a guide to lead your group?

  5. Namaste!
    My name is bj from nepal and I was born in the manaslu/Ganeshimal Himalayan Range in North Western Nepal. I am a certified guide with a government license as of 2009. I have been working in Nepalese eco-tourism for 5 years with a specialization in tailor-made trekking and guiding experiences for a range of clients from many different countries around the world.
    During the last 5 years, I have become very familiar with many Trekking Destination, including The Everest, Annapurna and Langtang Regions, As well as Mustang, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal and Helambu. I am very knowledgeable about local flora and fauna, cultural history and environmental issues in the areas where I trek. For Trekkers hoping to climb high passes and peaks, I can accommodate this challenging and rewarding adventure. My experience includes mera peak, island peak, kalapathar, gokyo peak, tseryo ri and I have led expeditions across many high passes in Nepal, Larkye pass, Chola pass, Renjula pass, Tashilapcha pass, Ganjala pass, thorong pass, Tilicho pass,
    There are many types of treks in Nepal, ranging from relaxed easy trekking where you can experience Nepalese Culture and Village life to tea-house trekking in popular regions, to unique treks into areas of Nepal that are off the beaten track and seldom visited by foreigners. All treks offer spectacular scenery and a viewpoint into Nepali culture. I can tailor our treks to meet your wishes.
    My clients have been very pleased with my professional guiding services, and you may read some of their comments. i can offer you a unique and challenging experience of a life time! Please contact me at the email address listed below if you have questions or would like discuss a possible trek!
    Thank Your,
    bj dhakal

    • Please give me your contact number . Or please whats up me .+918891888886. Waiting for your message

    • Hi, interested in discussing with you possible trekk ideas for the upocoming weeks. Please emil me at thewanderingandariego@gmail.com.

  6. Rami Dahal

    I am Rami Dahal from Nepal. I am a trekking guide in Nepal and the Himalayas, working for over 20 years. I have my own business in Nepal now, Fishtail Adventures, but still I love to go trekking a lot. I love guiding because I can show people new places and give them information about those places – it helps me out a lot and I have knowledge about all over the world from this job, I have been to more than 20 countries outside of Nepal.

  7. Jayaram

    I am licence holder trekking guide in tourism sector of Nepal.I have working as a trekking guide in mountain since 2009.My aim is provide quality service for guests at cheap price.

  8. Kathy

    Hey, is trekking too dangerous from 19th Dec-4th Jan? Looking at a 2 week trek, with a guide, if possible. Cheers!

    • Hello Kathy,
      Since you want to trek 2 weeks from Dec 19 to Jan 4, its not danger.
      But it might be hard because its a time of snowing in Nepal.
      Aslo depending upon the attitude, the trekking might be varies in grade.


    • I’m planning for a trip to Nepal in December any follow travellers?

  9. Izaan

    Is it possible to do the Mardi Himal trek in 5 days? Is it possible to do it solo? What should I budget?


    • Yes this is possible.

  10. Radina Hristova

    It will be my first trekking trip ever and I would like to book everything in advance to be more secure. I have 5days from 6 to 11 of February and would appreciate any advice

  11. NepalplanetTreks

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  12. Planning to climb Mera peak April 1 – 20 2017. Would love to find others to join me. Currently very confused by the amount of agencies offering trekking services in Nepal. And slightly concerned by the fact that it appears that they can afford professional websites, yet I am pretty sure a lot of their trip adviser reviews are fake (single poster, recently joined, etc.) as are the testimonials on their sites (when googling the names of the contributer I find the exact same testimonial cut and pasted across various travel agents’ site)
    This does not necessarily mean they are not good, just bad a social media marketing.
    Although as this is a
    1)high altitude trek and
    2)I want the best chance for summit success, not being rushed up the mountain or put in danger
    I am at a loss how I can find a reputable agent.
    If anyone can provide advice from their own experiences, would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • I want talk u . If you intrested

  13. Adventure Bound

    We have Group for Everest Base Camp Trek Full package cost 999USD for 11 night /12days contact us.

  14. […] Booking Details http://www.trekkingpartners.com/2014/04/12/booking-your-trek-in-nepal-best-advice/ […]

  15. Carlos

    Hi there,
    My partner and I are planning on doing a trip to Nepal in April 2018, we have experience trekking before up to 3600m. We enjoy trekking as much as we enjoy prepping the trip and finding our way, we don’t like being guided like tourists in a big city. We are planing on doing some off the beaten path route of around 4500m. Anyone has some experience on doing something like that? is there any agency or anything that you can use for getting the permits, transfers and small bits and pieces?. Many thanks

    • hi,
      i am working in travel and trekking agency.i can help you to get permits and transfers.

    • I now about lovely treking tril .around 4500m.

  16. Juan

    Hi there, my name is juan, Im 60 years old, fron Argentina. Looking for a partner for trekking to Everest base camp or Manaslu. Im planning being there in the first half of april 2018. I have some experience because Ive already gone trekking in Annapurnas last year.

  17. EBC + Island Peak in Oct/Nov 2018. Got 2 pax already so looking for a couple more. Hit me up if anyone interested to team up!

  18. Deepak Simkhada

    Dear.. Juan Namaste and warm well come to you in Nepal i ma form gorkha my home town and i got expereace and i can organize to you the trip to you of if its works to you let me know on got really good guide who will taking care of you really well and make a good trip … Deepak Simkhada
    Good Day Nepal Excursion (p)ltd..

  19. Welcome to Nepal !!!
    I am Ramesh Bajgain From Himalayas Beautiful Country of Nepal. I am professional Govt License Holder Mountain Trekking Guide. and now I have a Travel company in Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal.
    We Organize, Trekking, Tours, Peak Climb, Sightseeing, White Water Rafting, Jungle Safari, Helicopter Tour, Mountain Flight, Paragliding, Hotel / Hostel Booking, And Tibet And Bhutan Tour Etc. please feel free to contact us. we organise your trip very sweet, cheap and service is guaranteed.
    Ramesh Bajgain
    Nepal Holiday Treks And Tours Pvt. Ltd
    Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal
    Tel: +977 014700952 / +977 9803343175
    whats app: +977 9851180916

  20. Frank Solomon

    I am from the United States and planning for a trek to either Gokyo or Kala Patter from Lukla any time in September or October 2019 for about 14 days. I am looking for a trekking partner (or partners) to share the cost of the guide and porter. I am open to joining existing planned treks if I can’t find a trekking partner. Please respond offline to my e-mail address.

  21. Raj.

    Dear Frank.
    I have trekking partner for Gokyo in Sep. and even oct. for 16 days and it cost USD-1450 for full board so please let me know soon.

  22. warm and Namaste from Nepal.I’m very much trekking specialist from the far east of Kanchenjunga region Nepal. if any travelers want to explore Kanchenjunga, Lumba Sumba and Makalu.please counteract us without any kind of hesitations.

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