Nepal Gokyo Valley

Always carry crampons

I visited the Gokyo area extensively put to Cho-Oyu’s first camp. 2003 winter was harsh and snowy giving the land a magnificent silvery light. Photography is my main interest while walking hence, my choice of going to Nepal when crowds are gone. It gets cold at night but days are very manageable. It was a sight to behold to watch all glaciers and summits whitened by heavy snow fall. Skies where sapphire blue and all crossings were still manageable. Depending on the years, snow isn’t always assured in January. In 2003 I was spoiled.


Recommended Gear

  • Backpack, Down Jacket, Gaiters, Headlamp, Hiking Boots, Sleeping Bag, Sunglasses


There's no need for a guide on this areas. Porters, if needed, may be hired at any teahouse


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  1. Fernando, I am in Ottawa, Gatineau dans le fond, and I would like to chat with you on gears for Cho la as we are heading to EBC next week. Is this possible? stephane

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