Mugu to Upper Dolpo


You can find below trip report of the trek from Mugu to Upper Dolpo and some remote passes leading into Tibet outlining the itinerary, link to photos and highlights at my blog post below :-

Summary :
– 28 day trek with 24 days of continuous trekking.
– Covered the districts of Mugu and Dolpo in Far/Mid Western Nepal
– Crossed 9 5000M+ passes & several smaller passes en route
– Explored a couple of passes leading into Tibet from Dolpo. Got great views of the Tibetan Plateau.
– 8-9 days of self-sufficient independent trek with no villages between Maila (last village in Mugu) to Pho (village in Dolpo)
– Experienced life in some truly remote Tibetan villages – off the tourist track.


Recommended Gear

  • Backpack, Headlamp, Hiking Boots, Hiking Poles, Sleeping Bag, Stove and Fuel, Sunglasses


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