Mount Aragats, Armenia

Get a partner and a mean of transportation.

Mt. Aragats was just a one-day destination of my 8-days trip to Armenia. Sadly, I couldn’t find anyone to trek the mountain with me but I managed to reach Lake Kari and its surrounding (around 3200 m) using both public transportation and hitchhiking, and so the South Summit of the mountain (around 3800 m) was clearly visible and very near (could have reached it in around 1-hour walking but I was able to hitchhike my way back to the capital for free so this was tempting). Weather was very cold (around -3 degree C).

All in all, a beautiful experience. The mostly-frozen lake, the cold atmosphere, the white peak and the utter silence are all worth it!


Recommended Gear

  • Backpack, Down Jacket

I wasn't fully prepared and so I just trekked using my converse. Lol!


Literally only $1 spent on the bus from Yerevan to Byurakan! The rest is hitchhiking. However, a hotel service is available near the South Summit for $30 per night.


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