Gokyo & Renjo-la

Absolutely do cross Renjo-la

We went to Tokyo by the very normal route. I don’t use guides on this routes but do hire local porters after a few days or when wanting to move faster. Porters are to be found in all teahouses along the route. The route is beautiful and feels pristine as no hikers are found. It’s rare one crosses other fellow hikers in the middle of winter. We spent a few days wondering around in Gokyo. Then, we returned to Namche by the Renjo-la. The crossing is easy but crampons may be needed, it’s very rocky ans if iced, slippery. Te route leads to Thame. We did all the walking in one day. Mainly, because there’s no teahouses before Thame.


Recommended Gear

  • Backpack, Down Jacket, Headlamp, Hiking Boots, Hiking Poles, Sleeping Bag, Stove and Fuel, Sunglasses

Crampons must be brought here


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