Far Western Nepal – API Himal Trail to Urai La – Oct 2017


You can find below trip report of the Trek covering
Far Western Nepal – API Himal Trail to Urai La Tek – Oct 2017
outlining the itinerary, link to photos and highlights.

Summary : This is a very remote trek across the Darchula and Bajhang District in Far Western Nepal leading to the border with Tibet. This is a journey across 3 high alitiude passes (Pathar Rashi Bhanjyang / Duwal Bhanjyang / Nilkhati Khal) to the Nepal-Tibet border of Urai la (a 5000M+ pass). From the last village of Chetti (in Darchula District) till one reaches Laphri village (Bajhang dist) on the Urai La trail, a journey of 10 days, there are no villages and in non-yarsagumba season like October one can find no one else on this trail. One has to be self sufficient for this period. The trek offers great views of the API-Nampa Himal from Khandeswari. On the Urai La trail, the walk along the valleys of the Seti Nadi is spectacular – and to me the highlight of this trail.


Recommended Gear

  • Backpack, Down Jacket, Headlamp, Hiking Boots, Hiking Poles, Sleeping Bag, Stove and Fuel, Sunglasses


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