Annapurna Circuit Trek

Stay away from the jeeps unless you have no other choice.

I returned to Canada from about 5 weeks in Nepal. I did the Annapurna circuit walking the trails (and a bit of road when needed, due to landslides) from Besisahar to Tatopani, with a rest day in Manang, and one after crossing the pass in Muktinath. I trekked for 20 days, averaging about 11-12k daily. It was damn cold up high but gorgeous every day, and it was my first trek (60 yrs old). It was the most beautiful experience in many ways. I met a couple other Canadians and we did the high parts together. We hired a porter for Thorong La, but otherwise I carried my pack and used trail guides/maps.

My one plea, request, whatever you wish to call it: PLEASE…if you can manage, do not jeep/bus/drive the route, as so many villages along the trails are struggling due to foreigners driving to Chame or even Manang! The numbers in these villages are way down from even pre-Covid years, and for me that is so sad. I never met a single other trekker who was walking the full circuit. Some of my most precious memories are from those trails and villages where I met amazing people. I realize many people cannot take the time to do the circuit, and end up just doing a week or so. I just hope people understand this concern (which was obviously echoed by the trekking police, villagers, lodge owners as you might imagine).

I was attempting to upload photos but they are way too big.


I rented a -20 bag in KTM and used it only 4 nights, despite trekking there in Dec/Jan. I brought way too much clothing and I off-loaded jackets, sweaters, etc on the way up.


I never lacked a snack or a treat and I stopped at Clean Water Stations to fill up for 40-60 rupees. I ate the basics and spent no more than 30 USD a day, which could be even less.


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  1. Great advice, thank you!

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