Annapurna Circuit Trek

From Pisang definitely take the northern route, some guides don't seem keen on it but the views and terrain were unforgettable.

Recent events in the Annapurna Region had me pulling out my diary and reflecting on my trip last year. I had done some mountain work volunteering in the east of Nepal before returning to KTM. I trekked with my guide and carried my own pack vowing next time to take nothing but essentials. An unforgettable experience that left me vowing to return to this amazing country. I chose to stick to the original route and despite eating dust from jeeps driving past on the new roads, had no regrets about that choice.


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  1. shyamalendu saha

    My friends son Mr. Aditya Munsi Sanyal had gone for Annapurna Circuit trek on 15 or 16th ihis month. By yeasterday/today they are to be at Manangg . But we are not getting any information from him. we are very much worried because of yesterday’s devastating earth quake. Would you please help us giving whereabouts of his team/him
    Best Regards

    • Hi Shyamalendu,

      We received your email as well and will reply to you there.


  2. Bhanu raman

    Hi Alex, I too am worried about my nephew, Aditya and have sent you also an email. Do you have any information regarding his whereabouts. Please please tell us that he is safe.

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