Manaslu Circuit Trek – October 26


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  1. Hi Gabriele, good to hear that you had a wonderful time!! 🙂 Nepal is a special place. I was wondering though, if you might be able to comment a little on how you found the conditions of the trail… given that I know the earthquake damage was quite extensive, and I have heard from others that there has been a lot of landslide damage and broken bridges. How did you and your party find it? Was there a lot of detouring necessary? It seems overall you enjoyed it… so just hoping for a bit of elaboration if you have the time. Especially in regards to detours, as my friends only have a set time and we may need to be careful about our schedule. Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. Oh dear, sorry about that Gabriele I just saw that I read wrong and you went in 2014 not this year, 2015. Even if I had seen it I might still have made the mistake… who knows what year it is these days 😉 Still glad you had a great trip – take care!

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