Zanskar Trek (Kanji to Darcha)

Hi Everyone,

I’m a 31 year old male from the US who will be arriving to Leh on July 6th.

I’ve contacted a guide from Zanskar who is a native who was recommended from the forums at Lonely Planet and have arranged a trek from Kanji to Darcha.  It will start in Leh and finish in Darcha where you can continue on to Manali in a day (which I plan to do).  Starting in Kanji avoids some of the roads that have creeped in on the trail.

It’s an 17-18 day trek that will be challenging.  Highest pass is 5100 meters just 3-4 days into the trek.  So you will need to be acclimatized.  Other passes will be 4000m or higher.

I’m experienced having trekked to K2 Base Camp, Everest Bast Camp, Manaslu Circuit, Huayhuash Circuit, etc…..but not planning on taking this trip extra fast or anything.



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  1. HI Michael,

    I am a 40 yo guy from France. I will be arriving in Leh on the 5th. I am looking for sharing a trek with some people and interested in a bit of a challenge too. My experience is not so much trekking as you, but I do a bit of alpinisme, and 30 to 40 days of ski touring, so up in the mountains every week end.
    I was planning around similar amount of time and looking to end up in Manali at the end too. However, I have focused so far in booking a room in leh until the 8th and just managed to do so, with the Kalachakra happening right during that time. So now I have a bit of stress off my shoulders to focus on the rest. Have you already got in touch with some people? Have you got an idea of the cost so far?

  2. Oupsy, just saw the price details at the top of the page. Forget the last question.
    Very reasonable!

    Take care.

  3. Hi Simon,

    So far, the trip is only myself. There was a lady from Germany who was interested in the trip, but since then I have not heard back from her after emailing a couple of times. So not sure whether she is still wanting to join or not.

    I have been in contact with a guide and everything is set up. I have cook, horse guides, horses, tents, and pretty much everything is provided.

    Currently, the dates are pretty much set as well. I don’t arrive into Leh until the morning of the 7th, and need to acclimatize a bit in Leh, so the trek won’t start til the 10th. Pretty much the trek is set with it finishing around the 27th or 28th in Manali.

    As for my trekking style, I don’t go too fast and am typically more reserved (not too much talking, more just enjoying nature and taking lots of photos). The guide is cool providing each person with their own tents.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  4. Hi Michale,

    It is really tempting, but probably just a little long for me. I was looking more at something like 12 days so I still have time to fo other things in Manali or else. Flying back on the 1st of august.
    I am gonna keep on looking.
    Enjoy your stay.