Zanskar Ladhak (Lamayuru to Dharcha)

Hi everyone, a friend and I have decided to visit Zanskar this Summer. We’ll arrive 19th of July in Leh and we’ll then need a couple a days to get acclimatized and then we’ll take the bus to lamayuru. the trip takes 16 to 20 days and as both of us arent very experienced trekkers so we’ll take it slower, i think well end up needing about 22 days. We will be staying mostly at homestays and in the worst case we’ll have 4 nights without a village to sleep, but there will be some kind of shelter, anyways we’ll take a plasticshelter with us just for the case. The trek is hard, you go over a couple of steep passes and youll have to carry food along for about 2 to 4 days and most likely we wont take a guide. If anyone would like to join us go ahead and write me. Some Information about the two of us: We are 19 and 20 years old swiss men from Zurich, my friend will start studying architecture in fall and i will travel through india/nepal for a year. Both of us have done quite some walking in the alps, I have been trekking in Nepal for 2 straight months.



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