Zanskar Frozen River Trek

I would like to attempt an independent trek from Padum to Chiling or ever father, the goal is basically to get to Leh without having to fly, and as the road connecting Manali and Leh is not completed yet, trekking is the way to go. Of course this is preferable, as the Zanskar River Trek is supposedly a marvelous one. One that will soon disappear or at the very least lose it’s luster upon completion of the Manali-Leh highway.

Currently the plan is just myself and my partner, but we would be more than happy to have more companions on the trek.

If anyone else is interested I think it would be prudent to rendezvous in Manali, take a car to Padum, and from there trek the frozen river to either Chiling, and then take a car to Leh, or if so desired all the way to the confluence of the Zanskar and Indus rivers, (roughly 25km farther). Reply here if interested, or have similar plans.



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  1. Hi I am planning the same expedition in Feb 2014, your dates are fixed or will you be able to change.Please let me know

  2. My dates are somewhat flexible, but we are planning on starting a trek in Nepal around the first week of February. Are your dates flexible, if so possibly we could both flex towards each other a bit and work something out.

  3. Hi Bharris,

    My dates are fixed and booked my air ticket also. I am planning to start on Feb 9th and will be completing on Feb 17th. At present we are 3 people.