Yürü babam yürü ( my dad walking)

Total 1755 km,
100 steps, 100 days, average per day 17.5 km.



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  1. Start point İzmit (100 km from İstanbul)
    First 50 day, 877 km.
    Direction from North to South ( Uşak, Pamukkale,Denizli, Elmalı, Antalya
    Second 50 Day, 878 km.
    Direction from West to East, (Ermenek, Mut, Adana ) Via Toros mountains,
    Weddings, festivals (if you come to the beach), camping in an altitude of 1,850 meters, walking in all Anatolia, getting to know people, life and culture in the villages, nature beauties, nomads in the Taurus mountains, hair tents, hospitality,
    We can call it photoshopper.