Hi, my travel partner fractured her ankle and I am still hoping to do 5 to 7 days of backpacking in Yosemite with a travel buddy, preferably a woman. I am in my 50s and fit, but not at peak fitness. I can do a trip to Vogelsang at a steady pace (uphill slower). Vogelsang is a High Sierra camp and if you bring cash, you can order meals from the camp “cafe” the day before. As you may know, the wilderness permits are granted 24 hours ahead of time (40 percent are first-come, first-served/60 percent reserved months ahead of time). By hopping in line early the day before (on a Monday), the odds are increased that the route being sought will be granted. But if Vogelsang is not available, I am willing to hike to another High Sierra site. And once there, the plan is to do day hikes. Vogelsang is amazingly beautiful…hard to describe but definitely a scene out of Lord of the Rings.



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