Klyuchevskaya Sopka and Esso

1st day. Arrival by plane in Yelizovo. Placement on recreation facility with thermal water. At the request of tourists – a trip on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
2nd day. Moving by the regular bus to the settlement Keys (9 hours) and further to – a transfer by the rented car on a vulkanostantion Apokhonchich (5 hours), to a volcano foot Klyuchevskaya Sopka.
Night observation of a volcanic eruption. Placement in the house of volcanologists.
3rd day Walk at the foot of the volcano. In the evening – observation of eruption, night in the house of volcanologists.
4th day. A transfer on leased transport in a village Klyuchi. Steam bath. Night in a hotel.
5th day. A trip to an active volcano Shiveluch. Walk at the foot of the volcano.
6th day. Moving by a taxi to Esso, to “the Kamchatka Switzerland” (3-4 hours). On the way – bathing in a radonic source. Visit of the ethnographic museums. Excursion to the hill Pioneer,where there is opened a beautiful observe of rivers Bustraya and Yksichan.
7th day. Moving on leased transport to herd of wild deer. Fresh venison dinner. Spending the night in yurtas of reindeer breeders.
8th day. Acquaintance to culture of natives of Kamchatka. Return moving to Esso. Rest and bathing in the pool with thermal water.
9th day Moving by the regular bus to Yelizovo. Additional excursions (at will of tourists, are paid separately). Night in the hotel.
10th day. Departure from Yelisovo by plane.



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