Year round adventure in Annapurna Region

We are 2 brothers exploring the hills, mountains, rivers, canyon around the Annapurna Region and Marshyangadi Valley all this year 2013. So far this year we have participated in Honey Hunting, trekked to a lake called Baraha Pokhari at an altitude of 3200m, awesome place. Not a lot of tourist go there, so it was like heaven! Our After monsoon plan
we are planning to go back there again to further explore the area which apparently leads to more lakes and to the base of Himalchuli Mountain ( 18th highest mountain in the world, i think)
Do the Annapurna Circuit
Raft/Kayak the Marshyangai River
Explore the hidden canyons

So, if there anyone with a lot of time in their hands or looking for fun and social guys to hang around with, in the annapurna region, please feel free to tag along!



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  1. Hey, I’m looking to do the Annapurna circuit in August, if you’re interested

  2. Hey Chris,
    When in August are you thinking of doing it? August might be too tight with our schedule!

  3. Hi Devendra,
    I should be in Nepal around oct 5th until about the 25th. Do you know what you’ll be doing around then?

  4. Hello Richard mate,
    We will be in the Annapurna Region, As october is the best season for a lot of treks and hikes in Nepal, we want to do the Circuit at the same time want to explore places that only few tourist go. As the circuit will get proper busy around that time we might just do the Manang and the Tilicho Lake. KIck back, wander through mountain villages, do some canyoning and things like that. We have found some cool places to kick back. So ya give us a shout when you here and let’s see! Keep us posted with your plans ya! You never know we might end up exploring some cool places, right! Take care Amigo!

  5. Hi I’m hoping to continue on with my scheduled trip which is from Sept 26- Oct 16th. My travel partner can no longer make trip so I am just checking things out. Sounds like you have been having a great time so far!

  6. Hey Lisa
    How are you? It’s a shame that your travel partner could not make the trip. Sept through oct is a really busy time and people from all over the world come to trek Himalayas especially the Annapurna Region and circuit. I are sure to bump into like minded people here. So, what have you planned for those days? Feel free to email me on dtiwari99 at if you are not comfortable with putting your details here. Take care.

  7. Hi Devendra. I am doing wonderful here in sunny San Diego but daydreaming about a hopeful trip over there! How are things going with you? After further research what I am hoping to coordinate is a 10 day or so ABC trek. I’ve seen a couple sample iteneries but obviously don’t have any first hand knowledge. I would love to do something from Oct 1-13th or so. What do you think, what would you recommend as a great agenda keeping things easy to moderate?! Also have you lined up any definite plans? Would be great to get a small group…I’ve been getting responses from tour companies which I’m not interested in although not opposed to a porter/guide due to my lack of experience….Lisa

  8. Hi devendra. Have your plans changed at all for october? I’m arriving in kathmandu soon and would like to do annapurna region. However I am keen to take my time and avoid high season crowds … so you guys sounds like excellent companions!

  9. Hi Lisa and devendra and all
    I am planning for a trek from Oct 1 to Oct-11.
    I am looking for a trekking partner. Mail me soon if you want to join because i have to manage my holiday.