Wilderness of Assynt

Hi everyone,

so I wanted to do this for already 2 years . Do do a hike in the Wilderness of Assynt in Scotland.
This Trip would in include wild camping/ living from your backpack!
It might also include going by canoe. I havnt been going into the planning at all yet
since I would like to plan it with you /my partner together so that wishes and ideas can come
together. Here a bit of information about the Wilderness of Assynt:

Wilderness Episode 3 – Assynt – Immersion in Wildness

Hoping to hear from you soon! 🙂



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  1. Hi Tirza,
    Hope you are well. I don’t know what made you so obsessed about this place, but Chambers of Secret did the trick for me. I also attempted to do it quiet sometimes but VISA issues made it more complicated for me. However this is so early to confirm someone about joining the trip but I was going through for a Trekking Partner in EU and found this post. From my last time memory(I read a lot prepariing) so far I remember you can go for the North West Highland hike by all yourselves, although the Park does not permit if it is less than two with Camping by ownself. So you must have another partner. There are a couple of routes there, based on your preference you can chose one. I was trying to find the routes map but couldn’t find it from my archives nor from the internet. One more thing is there are wild deers and other animals which are normally not harmful to Human Beings unless things goes Southways. So better to stick with someone. For a June trip and camping by yourselves I believe you have all the equipments required for yourself. Which is not limited to a 3-Season Tent, 0 degree comfort sleeping bag, Penny Stove or Gas Stove(Portable Ones), Lifestraw or Water purification system(Although I am not sure if the stream water in Scotland are fresh). If you are good at fishing you can also try catching fish and burn it.
    One more thing about canoeing. Canoeing is not allowed by ownself or in a Self Guided manner. As the lakes can change their face anytime and it requires Guided trip. So if canoeing is a must you have to mix and match for two different trips. But then again I believe it would be an awesome trip Backpacking yourself, rather than joining a group for canoeing. Passing some time away from the crowd definitely gives you a more spiritual rising than just a trip. If you need more info don’t hesitate to knock me, although as I have said this is too early to commit for a trip like this.


  2. I could be interested. It’s a part of the UK I’ve never been to but I believe it’s very scenic. Let me know if you’re still planning it and in need of company.

  3. i am new to this site but this is definitely my kind of trip!

    Please message me so we can discuss it.