Western Nepal (Dolpo, Rara- Lake, Limi Valley)


I’m searching people for treks (between 2 to 3 weeks) to the western part of Nepal. I’m from Switzerland but I speak good Nepali and have working experience in the Himalayas.

I’d like to keep the costs as low as possible so that we try to do home staying as much we can and take only the facility with us which we really need. So that we really have the full experience 😉




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  1. hey
    I want to go trek in the area in July after 4 month of volunteering in Nepal. tell me if its relevant.

  2. July is a little too late. My last option would be around 20th June. if that would be still possible, let me know.

  3. Hi Chris!
    I just returned from ABC and now based Pokhara arranging a guide/permit etc for Beni > Dunai > Phoksundo > Jumla (or return Nepalgunj over Radijula). We will start round June 1st and it will be a combined camping/ teahouse/ homestay trek. I already have found an experienced guide (you’r not allowed to trek solo in Dolpa) called Kamal (from Pokhara). He will arrange some porters/tents/food and the permits for Dorpatan and lower Dolpa. If you care to join in, let me know!
    Greetz, Arjen

  4. Hey guys, I am a solo traveler from mumbai and searching people going for 10-15 days trekking. I am flexible with dates but prefer not to go in monsoon. I guess 2nd /3rd week june would be good to start. Reply or mail if you are game. My email is pal.deepak87@gmail.com