Hello ALL, I am looking for a partner to walk across America with me. I am going to be taking the American Discovery Trail from Delaware to California. It is around 6000 mile long and could take up to a year (Its not about the time its about the journey!)

United States


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    Good luck Lauren!

  2. Lauren, that would be an epic trek. I don’t have a year but I can join you for the leg thru Iowa City/Cedar Rapids. Looks like this trail is designed for biking too (I might consider biking it) Best of luck to you!

  3. I am starting a similar journey, Lauren. I’ll be leaving Hamburg Pa at the end of April/ beginning of May, depending on the weather, and travelling south along the Appalachian Trail until I get to to Harper’s Ferry WV , where I head west along the American Discovery Trail.

  4. Lauren i’m walking too. Actually im biking stretches of it too but im starting in Rehobeth Beach DE in March 14 and plan on finishing in the redwood forests near SanFran too. Let me know if u want to meet up for a couple stretches. You can email me at