Walk in the Haute Route (independent)

Hey guys, I am looking for both a partner and a piece of advice about Haute Route (my dream from when I was like 15 was to see Matterhorn, so why not do it in a harder way?). It looks amazing and quite doable

I am planning to go there somewhere between 1st and 15th of July this year. I do want to have it as cheap as possible, so I’d love to carry a tent with me, though maybe dine at lounges. The only problem I’ve encountered so far is that I can’t bring neither tent nor hiking poles with me to the plane (which is really too bad as I have a cool lightweight one). I’ll try to sneak them in anyway. But if anyone has a tent and free time – let me know! I’d love to plan the hike in more detail as soon as I find the proper “accommodation”.

I am not super-experienced hiker, but did like 10 day autonomous hike in Caucasus in mid-season, and Annapurna Circuit+Annapurna BC (17 days total) recently: was a lot of fun! As soon as I get used to walking all day, I can go as fast as partners want.

Let me know if anyone’s interested.



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  1. Hey Maria, your plan sounds really interesting. I was considering to do it too this summer. The timing would be perfect for me.
    I have a tunnel tent for 2 pers., which would be perfect for this occasion. However I don´t know if I could/would bring camping cooking gear with to the trip since you could eat at the alpin huts on the way.
    I have some experience in high alpin mountaineering. I scaled some mountains in Austria and Italy and I did some trekking in Nepal (Upper-Mustang Area).

    Let me know if you are still interested in doing the Haute Route,
    Have a great Day!

  2. Hi…really cool idea…I am italian and I live in CH..not sure i will be able to join for the full route (how long it takes?) but could be great to meet at least for some parts!