W trek in Patagonia

Hi. Planning to do the W trek in Patagonia in early October. This will be over 4 days but could be 5 if you need it.

I am 45y.o. Australian guy who runs an international trekking company. You can see my profile here on my company website https://weareworldchallenge.com/australasia/about-us/ and her on linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-walters-19b9a446/

Logistic wise i am fairly self sufficient and walking solo. I will be camping and cooking on a stove. You will need to bring your own kit or hire locally.

I am happy to take things at your pace be that fast or slow and i get along well with everyone. Plan to meet up in Punta Natales around 3 October but i am a little flexible either way by a couple of days.



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