Uttarakhand & Himachal

Hi. To start with, it’s not a plan actually. I am arriving in Delhi on 23rd July and going north from there. I plan to spend a couple of weeks hiking and going on day trips and anything else that seems interesting. I haven’t trekked in this region before but I did the Annapurana trek in Nepal last year. I am looking to share this trip with a few people, who are flexible with their plans. For logistical reasons, I wouldn’t like it to be a very big group. 3 is a crowd I guess.
I won’t be splurging money on luxuries. Just the basic stuff.
I don’t want to hire guides. I took one in Nepal but figured I could have easily done it on my own. But if circumstances demand, I wouldn’t mind hiring one.
Destinations – Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh



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  1. Hi, I am planning a trek to Pin- Parvati Pass in Himachal Pradesh. The plan is to do it independently, so looking for one more person to join me. I will depart from Delhi on July 24 and expected to return back on August 04. If possible, we can do this trek together.