I am looking for a trekking buddy to join me in USA in 2019.

My initial plan was to do the PCT (5 months) alone but then I figured I probably don’t have a chance to get B2 visa which allows stays for up to 6 months. So my stay is limited to 3 months now, which is sadly not enough to do the entire thru hike.

Anyway, there is a lot of other trails which are much less traveled/mapped/documented and for those I would prefer a hiking buddy or max two/three. I am very interested in the following trails:
-PNT (Pacific Northwest Trail) which should take just about 70-80 days.
-California coastal trail (not much info about it but seems interesting) 70-80 days.
-Other trails with similar lengths, suggestions?

Departure date is as well flexible.

Sleeping 90% outside in a tent.
My budget will be around 2500€ + air tickets + gear(already have).

About me:
I am a very uncomplicated, reasonable and adaptable person
I am experienced hiker/camper, however this will be my first trip outside Europe.

I plan to do the trip in ultralight fashion.

I am looking for buddy:
-with some experience in trekking, camping in wilderness
-preferably from Europe so we can maybe do a 5-10day hiking trip in central Europe this summer 🙂 and of course plan the transportation to the trail head and back together.
-as well uncomplicated and adaptable person 😉



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