Upper Mustang Trek with Saribung peak

Hi Everyone,

Planning another trip to Nepal this year with small group (French and English speaking) three of the people I went with last year are coming but we are looking for a couple more which will reduce cost (max 6) the dates (not yet confirmed) will be leaving europe 11 Oct, below is itinerary :

J 1 et 2 : paris katmandou
J 3 : katmandou
J 4 : katamndou – pokhara
J 5 : pokhara – jomsom – kagbeni – 2800m – 3h
J 6 : kagbeni – chele – 3075 – 6h
J 7 : chele – geling – 3560 – 6h
J 8 : geling – dhakmar – 3820 – 6h
J 9 : dhakmar – tsarang 3570m – 7h
J 10 : tsarang – lo manthang – 3809 – 5h
J 11 : visit monastery – acclimitisation
J 12 : lo manthang – yara – 3900m – 5/6h
J 13 : yara – ghuma thanti – 4856m – 7h
J 14 : ghuma thanti – porsche khola – 4200 – 4h
J 15 : porsche khola – damodar kunda – 4890 – 5h
J 16 : damodar kunda – base camp – 5240m – 3h
J 17 : acclimitisation
J 18 : base camp – high camp – 5740m – 5h
J 12 : saribung peak – bhrihuti base camp – 6328m/5070m – 10h
J 20 : bhrihuti base camp – phu – 4000m – 6h
J 21 : phu
J 22 : phu – naar- phedi
J 23 : naar phedi– naar
J 24 : naar – ngawal by the kang la pass
J 25 : ngawal – chame
J 26 : chame – beshishar
J 27 : beshishar – katmandou
J 28 : katmandou
J 29 : return home

One of our party, who have more time, want to include pisang peak as well, if there was someone who would like to accompany him so the group would split at J 25 itinerary of this option as follows :

J 25 : ngawal – upper pisang
J 26 : upper pissang – Base camp
J 27 : camp de base – high camp
J 28 : high camp – Summit – Base camp
J 29 : camp de base – chame
J 30 : chame – beshishar
J 31 : beshishar – katmandou
J 32 : katmandou
J 33 : Return home

Because of the inclusion of climbing peaks there will be need for a climbing guide as well as porters, and cook for the 7 nights + under the tent. Please get back to me if you need any further info.



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  1. Hi Charlie
    I plan on being in Nepal for 3 months from september, and doing a range of climbs, ive done a few mountaineering courses in alaska and poland and climbed in equador but have limited experience. But I’m interested in your trip.
    Is there any technical climbing?

    • Hi Craig, haven’t been able to get hold of you by e mail. Would you be able to let me know what your plans are please?
      Kindest regards,

  2. Hi Charlie, Namaste! My official name isa Gam bahadur rai (56) i am a proffetional trekking and mountain guide in Nepal i have read and understand your wish to make upper mustang trek with sarebung peak and pisang peak that will be Great adventure for you and for your group members if you need help to get your guide permit support please feel free to contact me via e-mail:raigambahadur@yahoo.com looking forward to hear from you soon
    With Best regards Gam Bahadur Rai

    • Hello, I understand from Samuel who wrote to me below, that you have walked off with his money, I will certainly not be contacting you in future and will tell my many friends in Nepal of your illegal practice which is giving honest people in your work a bad reputation.

  3. Hi Charlie,
    This is Samuel Cano. I´m a Spaniard who was in Nepal last March.

    I wanted to warn you about Gam Bahadur Rai (the person just mailed you before): Do not trust him. I had a very bad experience with him: I hired him and payed a lot of money for my solo trekk, and a big part of it should be returned to me due to several reasons. He vanished on the agreed date we were going to meet, and now despite I´m phoning/emailing/whtasapping him he is not answering. 40 days ago he answered one phone call and asked for 15 days, saying that he had spent all my money (it was a deposit and permits he didn´t pay, 1100 $) and after that he has vanished again.

    If you want further information, do not hesitate to contact me again.


    • Hi Samuel, I am very sorry to hear about your experience with Gam Bahadur Rai. I have many friends in Kathmandu and will notify them of your experience with him. He will end up getting a very bad reputation. I hope you find some way of sorting this out.
      If I can help in any way let me know..

  4. Hi charlie,

    How are you going finding others to join you on this trip?

    I’m planning on spending 1-2 months in Nepal for the post monsoon climbing season which could line up well with this trip, including the extension to do Pisang Peak.

    So let me know if you’re still looking for additional climbers.

    • Hi Stephen, thank you for your message, yes indeed there is still space for another on this trek which should be epic! We are now three definite trekkers (we have bought our flights and we arrive KTM 11th Oct. With one other who hasn’t confirmed yet but seems v interested. The party size is limted to 6 but I think it will more likely be 4. If you need any further info or advice please get back to me and if you would like to join our party you are more than welcome, cheers

  5. Just to add that the price includes everything including, permits, tea houses, meals, transport to and from Ktm, hotel Ktm,collection airport on arrival, Climbing guide, porters, tents, food when we are camping etc etc Not included are alcoholic beverages and tips for porters at the end. Please contact me for further info on this

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun, Charlie. I’ve got my own trip planned from the other direction (Manaslu) and will be heading into Nar Phu valley a couple of weeks before you to finish off my trek. Hope your trip goes well for you – best of luck.

  7. Just to update this post Stephen (above) has now confirmed that he will be joining us and is keen to do the Pisang Peak as well.

  8. For info I have just checked out the world wide insurance cover for high mountain activities including helicopter rescue which is available here in France through a company called ‘Au vieux campeur’ and is automatic when you apply for their card. This is available to those living in the whole of europe as well as France. At 25€ p/a this is a pretty good deal.