Upper Mustang Trek

Im looking to trek from Jomson to Lomanthang in Upper Mustang starting on or around November 10th. Small group with guide preferred. 10 days trekking plus travel to and from Jomson.

Anyone interested in joining? Send me a message, or if you are already in Pokhara we can meet up to discuss.



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  1. Hi there,

    Im Shristi. I hope youre well.
    I came across your travel plans, and was wondering if you found a group to trek with? A friend and I plan to go up to Muktinath, not Upper Mustang, but I thought Id still ask if you were interested incase Upper Mustang doesnt work out for you? Let me know.


  2. Hello Greg,
    Namaste and welcome to Nepal and to Upper Mustang Trekking and touring ,
    My Name is Amar bahadur tamanag , I am a professional Trekking Guide and adventure trip organizer in Nepal so if you need some help to get upper mustang special permit and guide please feel free to write me by e-mail or you can also contact me on my cell phone 985-1055494 Thank you !