Upper Mustang Trek


I’m Eleonore, 36 years old, french, living in Paris.
I’m going to Nepal next August to discover Upper Mustang.
I have a great and reliable french speaking guide (already went for a trek with him) and here is the road map :

J1 : France-Kathmandou
J2: Journée libre à Kathmandou
J3 : Vol Kathmandou – Pokhara et visite de Pokhara
J4 : Vol Pokhara Jomsom, puis marche jusqu’à Kagbeni (3800 alt, 3 à 4h de marche)
J5 : Kagbeni-Chele (3075m alt.) 6 à 7h de marche
J6 : Chele – Geling (alt 3560 m)
J7 : Geling – Ghami (3510m) – Dhakmar (alt. 3800m)
J8 : Dhakmar – Tsarang (alt. 3595m)
J9 : Tsarang – Col Lo La (alt. 3945 m) – Lo Manthang (alt. 3820 m)
J10 : Lo Manthang
J11 : Lo Manthang – Dhi (alt. 3400m) – Yara (alt. 3400m)
J12 : Yara – Luri Gompa – Yara (3400m)
J13 : Yara – Tangye (alt. 3320m)
J14 : Tangye – Tetang (alt 3100m) – Chuksang (3020 m)
J15 : Chuksang – Muktunath ( 3760m)
J16 : Muktinath – Jomosom
J17 : Jomosom – Pokhara – Kathmandou
J18 : Visite de Kathmandou
J19 : Vol retour vers France

We need to be at least 2 trekkers to be alowed to enter Mustang, so don’t hésitate to talk about it around you.

> The budget will depend on the number of trekkers we will be (to share the staff remuneration).
> The budget includes the cost of the entry permit in Mustang and the trekking card
> The duration indicated is the TOTAL duration, from France to France. The time spent in Mustang (from Kagbeni to Muktinath) is 10 days long.
> The dates are flexible : departure between the 6th and the 10th of august, mostly depending on the price of flights).

Looking forward to hearing from you



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  1. Hi Eleonore – I have been planning the same trek and waiting for one of my friends to confirm, but our dates are very similar so it would be great if we could join up with you (and it might just be me, my friend will confirm at the end of this week).

    I have been given a quote by a guide who I know from a previous trek, but it’s pretty expensive.

    I would be flexible on dates, so a departure between 6 and 10th of August is good for me. My friend needs to be back in England in good time for the weekend of the 26/27 August so I think your start dates work quite well, and she is waiting to hear on when she can take leave (I will be on a sabbatical).

    I speak French too!

  2. Hello Annie, I was about to write to you the same thing! I’m very happy to read you! :o)

    I’m OK to leave on the 6th of august. The whole trip (Europe to Europe) is 20 days, for your friend it will be easier to be back for the 26th.

    The amount is around 2250 euros (not 1800, I made a mistake, sorry). Is it still OK for you ? Or was your guide cheaper ? How much was the trip with him ?

    It seems that the ideal number of trekkers is 4, for the guide team (because the organisation is special I think).
    It would be great if your friend would join the trek. I’m also looking for trekkers around me but it’s difficult !

    So, I propose we could maybe wait 1 or 2 more weeks before booking the flight (to try to find other people around us to come with.), and book both flights et trek at that moment ?

    What do you think ? I’m open to ideas.

    And complementary questions : what was your previous trek in Nepal? Do you know where your guide is from? Is he from the Gurkha district ? (The ones I know are from this district)

    Let me know! :oD

    • Hi Eleonore, this is such great news we have connected!

      My guide quoted about the same as yours – he told me $2400 for all accommodation in Kathmandu, Pokhara and on the trek, permits and food all included (plus $300 for a single supplement). He is now a friend following my last trek so it would make me happy if we could go with him, but your person sounded like he was good too and you have previous experience as well. I would feel a bit bad not going with my guide, but I would not insist. That sounds fine to wait a week or two longer before booking anything – also I am still waiting to hear from my friend.

      My previous trek was the Annapurna circuit, which I really enjoyed. I joined an organised group in March this year, and I’ve been longing to return to Nepal since then!

      I’m not actually sure where my guide is from in Nepal – he is called Ranjit and is a good guy (and didn’t talk too much which is always good!!)

      I will update you when I hear from my friend Marie.

      All the best, Annie

    • Hello Annie,

      do you have an e-mail adress or is there a private message box on trekking partners ?

      I think we should compare the 2 budgets of our guides. I perfectly understand your attachment to your guide since I feel the same with mine :op
      Then, I propose to ask them (you to Ranjit and me to my guide) a detailed estimation on the same items. I have prepared a “ready-to-fill” document, I’d like to send it to you but don’t know how?

      Regards, Eléonore

    • Hi Eleonore, I have sent you a message privately on here!

  3. I am a citizen of Nepal living in Katmandu. I also wanted to do this trek for a very long time. I hope this august I will be able to do it