Upper Mustang Trek

Hi there,

I am looking for trekking partners for the Upper Mustang Trek in the second half of May.

Ideally, I would like to do the full trek in 12-13 days to visit as much as possible. I am already in contact with a Nepalese guide, and we came up with the following itinerary (nothing definitive yet, there is room for modification):

day 1: early morning flight from Pokhara to Jomson + trek to Kagbeni
day 2: Kagbeni to Chhuksang, via Tangbe
day 3: Chhuksang to Samar
day 4: Samar to Geling, via Chungsi caves
day 5: Geling to Drakmar
day 6: Drakmar to Lo Manthang, via Lo Gekar (upper route)
day 7: Lo Manthang
day 8: Lo Manthang
day 9: Lo Manthang to Yara
day 10: Yara (visit to Luri Gompa)
day 11: Yara to Tengge
day 12: Tengge to Chhuksang
day 13: Chhuksang to Kagbeni to Jomson
day 14: morning flight to Pokhara

Even though I have never been to Nepal before, I am a passionate trekker. I have been on several multi-days hiking trips, mostly on the Alps (I am italian), but I have also recently spent a month backpacking and trekking in Patagonia. My trekking style is relaxed: I enjoy the view, the remoteness, taking landscape pictures and get to know the local culture. I very much enjoy independent trekking, and, for this particular adventure, we would stay in teahouses but also occasionally camp (for instance in Yara and Tegbbe) and enjoy the remoteness of this region.

Dates: the trek is meant to allow us to be in Lo Manthang during the Tiji festival (23-25 May). Considering that I need to be back in Kathmandu on May 30, this all together means that day 1 would be around May 15 or 16. The dates are slightly flexible.

Money: cost is 1700 $ everything included (flight pokhara to jomson and back, all permits, accommodations, meals, guide). 1300 $ excluding meals and accommodations. Depending on the group size we could negotiate a better price.

Please leave a message if you are interested in this journey!




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  1. Hi Nicola.

    Sounds great. I am wanting to also do the upper mustang trek; but I will start a bit earlier by including the first stretch of the annapurna circuit, to join the upper mustang trek at either muktinath or jomson. I am also wanting to do it to make it in time for the festival.

    You are obviously more then welcome to join for this, but alternatively maybe meeting up at the start of your trek is another option. Sharing costs and the experience is always a good idea.

    Regards, JJ Vijoen South Africa

  2. Hi I too am considering this trek but might have to jeep back as I need to be in Kathmandu for 27th or 28th…..I am interested to see the Lo Mantling Festival.
    JoH Scotland

  3. Hello there .
    Im interested to do the Upper Mustang trek in Tiji Festival 2017 (22-24 May) and stay in Lo-Mathang for 3 day during this festival.Afortunately enyone from my friends confirmed to do this trek with me so im lookingo for some people to join.I been already in Nepal and done Annapurna Base Camp.Kris

  4. Hi I am doing the Upper Mustang trek 16th May and will arrive Upper Mustang 22nd May. I am currently joining a group but the travel agent, who I have travelled with before, can change that if I get another trekking partner. I am trekking slowly and will jeep back as I have to be in Kathmandu 28th. By the way there are two dates for the festival on the internet 22-24 and 23-25. I am told 23-25 is the correct one. If anyone is interested to join me please message me.

  5. I will arrive to Kathmandu on 14 th of May and strat my trekking from Jomson on 16th
    I can Join eny small grup or single person .I have licensed frendly guide if you dont have.

  6. Hi Nicola,

    Are you still planning on doing this route and would you be interested in any more company? Please let me know as I’d love to explore the Upper Mustang region and am currently a solo explorer! Some nice company to share the experience with would be great!

    Best, Hannah

  7. we are two of us and we will be leaving from Kathmandu to jompsom on Tuesday. So, if anybody wants to join it will be pleasure . we also got some fine kush.

  8. we are Nepalese citizen. So, in someway may be helpful for you all.

  9. I an Manish Ray and I will be available at 9865082545.

  10. Dear all, thank you for all your replies and apologies for not getting back to you sooner! I just came back from another trek (3 passes in the everest region) so I decided that for this year that’s enough… now I will move to Pokhara for some relaxation and maybe short hikes. If you are interested in joijing drop me a private message! I will for sure come back and do the upper mustang another time though! Thank you all for your interest!