Upper Mustang Trek

Hi all

I’m planning on doing the Mustang trek and plan to leave around the first or second week in May – I’m fairly flexible on this and don’t mind waiting for people.

I’ve got a good guide who I’ve known a while (his English is very good and he’s a funny man) and he says he’ll take us up there for $25 a day.

I’ve done quite a few of the Nepal treks and am a fairly fit/steady walker. However, I’m very easy-going and we’ll take our time and enjoy the surroundings, etc.

Because the permit is so expensive ($500 for 10 days) I want to try and save some money so the plan is to get the bus up to Jomson (or a village before that) and back again. I am pretty flexible on getting to Jomson and don’t mind trekking a day or two to get there – or taking our time coming back.

I’m in Pokhara at the moment so, if you’re genuinely interested, then please get in touch and we can arrange a meet-up in Lakeside and have a chat over a beer/coffee.

Cheers, Dave



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  1. hey david! I’m interested in doing the trek to Upper Mustang with you, are you still looking for trek buddies? I arrived in Nepal 3 weeks ago and did the Annapurna Circuit. but I would love to do another trek but if possible not in a hurry 😉 let me know if you’re interested, right now I’m in ktm but the trip to pokhara isn’t that long 😉 Mitra

    • Hi Mitra! Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I’m definitely still looking for trekking buddies and it would be great if you could join us. (it’s not easy trying to find people for Mustang!). I haven’t set a leaving date or even set the permits. So if you’re really interested then jump on a bus to Pokhara! My guide is also a guesthouse owner (it’s a very nice, cheap family place) so you’d be more than welcome there. Also, he is getting old these days so we will definitely not be going fast! Hope to hear from you.

  2. Hi Dave, I’m also planning to go to Uppper Mustang, but only around 20th of May. If you’ve changed your starting dates, would be great to take some jeep from Pokhara together. Please see my post for my plan of the trip. Thanks !

  3. we are two of us and will be travelling from Kathmandu on satuday for spiritual Tiji festival..so if you would like to join us have a great time with spiritual journey