Upper Mustang Trek

My name is Marco. I’m from Italy, 28 years old and I’m finishing to study environmental engineering.

I’d like to trek in the Upper Mustang starting in late March for approximately 10/11 days (the starting date is still flexible) and I’m looking for other people and a guide to obtain the permit and trek with.

I’m still in the planning phase (so I’m very open to ideas and new info) but my plans at this moment are to follow the Western Route up to Lo Manthang and then go back following the more scenic Eastern Route (similarly to https://www.goingthewholehogg.com/upper-mustang-trek-itinerary/ and https://www.greathimalayatrail.com/tour-item/upper-mustang-circuit/).

About me: I’ve already done a few treks (mostly in Italy, Iceland and Russia) either with or without a tent, so I’m used to carrying my own luggage. I’d consider myself moderately fit and I don’t have a super fast pace, but definitely not slow.




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  1. Hi Marco,
    My name is Ute, I’m 56 years old (hope this is no “OMG” reason for you) and from Germany.
    I’m also looking for someone to “share” the Upper Mustang trek/permit and would like to ask if by any chance you would consider modifying the departure date? As I’m a bit timed re. holiday, my idea is to start on 19 March (or postpone to the second half of April).
    Would you be interested? If so, I’m happy to discuss and explore further details with you.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    • Hi Ute,
      Thanks for reaching out!
      I guess we could find something which is good for both of us.
      I’ll send you a private message

  2. Hi Marco,
    I am Kristin from Germany (30 years old). Your plan sounds quite nice. I am quite flexible with the dates. Have time April/May, but could start earliest 28 March.
    Did you already decide when you wanna start? Is there already a group?


    • Hi Kristin,
      Thanks for reaching out!
      Unfortunately, Ute and I already arranged a trip starting on the 20th of March which is too soon for you.
      I’m sure you’ll find another group!