Upper Mustang Trek

Hey guys just trying out my luck here I guess. I am going to trek up to Upper Mustang–I am thinking June 20 or 22nd–and so I was wondering if anyone is going that way around the same time and interested in finding a partner.

It would be awesome to meet a seasoned trekker but I will make a do with someone like me who’s just beginning to learn the do’s and the don’ts.

Oh another important thing is I am a Nepali citizen by birth so I won’t be needing special permits, but my Nepali is good, not excellent but, I can help you around with my Nepali skill! Tad bit more about me: I’ve been living in the U.S. for the past 12 years, I worked (yes no longer) there got my Undergraduate and Graduate degrees there (New England), so if this piques your interest and all the stars have aligned so that you are also trekking between 20th-22nd of June then reply back or WhatsApp me at PMaster (I am just learning to use this app, so if I don’t respond immediately shoot a reply on here). I will share my other social media accounts-Facebook- once we connect to hit the ground running, I hope you will do the same.



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  1. Are you still up to the track? Cheers, Jan

    • Hi Jan

      Yes I am looking to trek. Actually I am definitely starting my trek either on the 20th or the 22nd of June. When are you planning to trek?

      Foreign citizens need to get a permit and hire a guide. I am not a guide but I heard it’s pretty easy to find one in Jomsom.

      Let me know. You can contact me on my WhatsApp or if you’re in Nepal buzz me in at 981-000-0317.

  2. Hi Pock, its very short notice but are you still up for the trekking on the 22nd? I wonder if its possible to do it only until 28th. I need to leave the country by the 30th. I am in Bhaktapur now. Cheers, Amalia