Upper Mustang Trek

Itinerary was copied online so expect some funny language 🙂
We will be getting our permits before the 27th.

The trip starts from KTM after getting the permits ready.

Day 1: Flight to Pokhara from KTM

Day 2: “Flight to Jomsom (2710m) and trek to Kagbeni – (2800m) – 3 hrs Trek

Leaving the Jomsom village take ahead to EkleVatti then follow to the left trail leads to Kagbeni along the left bank of Kali Gandaki river. Kali Gandaki is the deepest gorge in the world. It takes about three hours from Jomsom to Kagbeni(2,900m.). There are available large numbers of guest house and camping places. ”

Day 3: “Kagbeni to Chhuksang (2980)

The trail leads along the right bank of the KaliGandaki River as you approach crosses riverbed farm field irrigating oasis. After three and a-half hours walking it is better to take a lunch break in Chhuksang village. You will see some dwelling houses, which is built by mud and whitewashed outside.”

Day 4: “Chhuksang to Samar (3660)

The trail enters the area from the right bank crossing the riverbed you will find very interesting turquoise (a shaped piece of a precious greenish blue mineral). The Kali Gandaki River is running under the tunnel of reddish erect mountain. As the pedestrian must follow that way the trail climbs up around another 45 minute to Tsele village. The steep path in middle both side stands about 18-20 houses. From the village can see the north face of Nilgiri 6,940m. The trail continues to climb up through the cliff to Samar pass. There is a crystal line mountain with reddish rock and some long ranges visible gorges. There is a long suspension bridge to the left side across the gorge go to Gyaker village. Some beautiful Himalayan plants can be seen nearby Samar village from the Samar pass. We will be reaching there at lunch time.”

Day 5: “Samar to Gheling (3570m)

Beyond this Samar village there are two ways go to Syanmochen village. If you have planned to visit Chhugsi Monastry cave you have to follow the right bank of the trail. It takes to summit approximately one hour. The magnificent view of dipping down gorge soon it reaches the famous Chhunsi Kangchung monastery cave(3,400 mtr.). The Chhunsi Kangchung cave monastery appearance the most important place of pilgrimage for Buddhist who interest on it. Now, it climbs again through the narrow path between two lines of hills. It takes time about one and a-half hour to Sanmochen where will be our lunch break. Then after climb little cliff with pass you will be seen towards valley of Geling and back sight some mountain views. ”

Day 6: Gheling to Ghami (3520m)

After crosses the village there is an unreasonable hill to ride up on the top of Nyi La {pass} 4010m. This is the good view point of the Mustang landscape as well as Annaprna, Nilgiri ranges. The trail descends to down just move left site when your eyes approach the beautiful green valley. Exact that is Ghami village where we stop for night but we are already at lunch time. After lunch, next sight of the Ghami where you can find Japanese Hospital, primary school, longest Mani wall of the Mustang with prayer wheel & apple garden. Or you may hike to the up valley of Ghami which trail leads to Dolpa.

Day 7: Ghami to Charang via Ghar Gompa – (3560m)

We head towards Dhakmar through colorful cliffs and green scenery. Immediately leaving Ghami trail follows little descend & ascend which takes approximately 45 minutes. Then we get the valley of Dhakmar. There are lots of cliffy caves above the village with colorful hills. After the Dhakmar will be a chance to see blue sheep during climbing the Mui La pass 4170m. Ghar Gompa is the oldest monastery of Nepal which is built before than Samey Monastery of Lhasa {Tibet}. This monastery is Ngyinmapa sect where found the hidden scriptures of Padmasambhava. Then we follow the Tsarang Khola {stream} via Lo Ghekar reach to Tsarang.

Day 8: “Trek to Lo-manthang

Finally, leaving Tsarang descends to Tsarang river then climb a step by slowly up then almost follow towards scenic valley. Before entering the Lo-Manthang you able to be seen the South face of Nilgiri Himal(6,940mtr.) then continue the steps through the desert area to historical wall city. The walk takes 3 to 4 hours normally.”

Day 9: “Lo-manthang to Chhosser caves and back by horse

We will vist the Chhosser ridding by horse and carry self packed lunch. Chhosser is a mysterious, by its beauty of architecture. This cave looks like cliff but inside it there are step by step floor with 44 rooms. This cave is so amazing that it gives the feeling of being in Alien place and returned back to Lo-manthang”

Day 10 “Lo-manthang to Yara – 3700 Mtrs

Along the mountain ridge after one hour the trail descends to down in village DHI. The time is taken in between streaming to down. Meanwhile you able to see the meadows of farming field nearby river side. That is DHI village better time for lunch break over here. After the lunch break crossing the river follow to path along the left bank of river side to Yara (3,838mtr.). From there in the dry season the trail follows the riverbed but in the monsoon it winds up the hills to a final steep climb to the top. It looks a natural sandy castle in front of you when just you are top on the Yara hills. Some places you will find a kind of salty dust like mineral on the hill.”

Day 11: “Yara to Tangbe (3240 Mtrs)

Early in the morning you are leaving from Yara along the high winding path. That soon leads down to the Dhechaeng Khola(river) which is running from the Damodar Kund (basin). It is famous pilgrimage for Hindu religious. It’s including the headwater an area of land which water runs down into a KaliGandaki river. This place is famous for black ammonite fossils where is found it. The trail just crosses the small river but it melting ice water then climb up around one and a-half hour to ‘DHi’ village along the winding desert mountain path to the Lo-Pa village of Tangya.”

Day 12 “Tangbe to Tetang – 3067 Mtrs

Today we leave very early morning with your pack lunch because of long distance than normal past days. Some step walk then crossing the suspension bridge following the trail to right site. Soon comes the Yak khola(river) before climbing a terraced hill to PA 4210m, it is the highest point of the Upper Mustang trip. The trail climbs for about two and a half hours then you summit on the top (4,200mtr.) The main trail continuing along the flat land to left after one and a-half hour walking. Its better time and spot to lunch at PA. Still this leg takes another four to five hours total walking in your target of the day. Now the trail descends to down it is rough way. Meanwhile, you are able to see a deep mud roof covered valley. The village is called Chhuksang or Tetang.”

Day 13: “Tetang to Muktinath-3800Mtrs

Today gradually we trek up till to Gyu La {pass} 4077m. It is one of the beautiful day and take it easy to walk. We wil pass through Kharkas where can be seen grazing domestic animals as well as wild like mountain goats. It’s peaceful up valley reach to the top of Gyu La. From the pass you can see panoramic view of Thorong peak, Nilgiri, Tukche peak & Muktinath valley. Then we reach to Muktinath via Chhenkar village.”

Day 14 : “Muktinath to Jomsom

Lupra is an interesting and scenic trekking trail to catch Jomsom. We will get the chance to see spectacular mountains view including Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri before descend to Lupra rivers{Pangda Khola}. Lupra is an isolated village with legendry. There are two Bonpo monasteries with the big settlement. After following Pangda River about half an hour more trail will be joined to high way trekking route or Kaligandaki from Lupra village, to reach Jomsom.”

Day 15 “Fly back to Pokhara or BUS from Jomsom

The budgeted amount is excluding flights.



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