Upper Mustang / Lo Manthang

Short notice! I am planning to go to Upper Mustang/Lo Manthang – arrival at Jomsom airport on 6th May 2018. I am travelling on my own and am looking for a partner for permit reasons (two people minimum are required to obtain the permit).

This will allow for enough time to trek to Lo Manthang and the three-day Tij festival which starts on the 12th May and will be pretty ‘spectacular’ for want of a better word. There are 15th-century wall murals in ancient monasteries, caves and a landscape that has got to be one of the most ethereal ever…

I would be delighted to find another person in the same situation – we could still trek separately – or together if the company feels right.

Hoping to hear from someone!

(I put in a budget of $1200 randomly – in the end it will depend on your own requirements/arrangements)
(also added those two photos randomly as I do not have a photo of myself on the laptop I am using just now)



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