UPPER MUSTANG – independent trekker

I’m planning a trip to Upper Mustang with a Nepali friend and a guide, flying Pokhara to Jom-Som 4th November, and returning to Pokhara 10th November.

I’m looking for someone to partner with for the visa requirement as it’s a minimum of 2 foreign nationals for Upper Mustang. If you’re wanting to go solo, making your own arrangements, this might be of interest to you. Happy to share our arrangements, guide, jeep, etc if you’d like also, and pass on any info. We’ve made the trip to Mustang before and have plenty of local info.



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  1. Hello Linzy! Are you sure about the days or you can change a little bit? Totally interested!

    • Hi Andrea,
      Thanks for your interest. We’re already booked to fly to and from Jom-Som 4th and 10th November, but we don’t actually head into Upper Mustang from Kagbeni until 6th November, so you could join us up to 6th November. Alternatively, if you are thinking you’d like to go into Upper Mustang independently with a guide and just connect for the visa requirement, then we can extend the dates at the start or end or both to cover a more flexible period. I’ll be in Kathmandu from 31st October to arrange the visa.

  2. Hey Linzy I am going to check the flights 🙂 I would love to start in Kagbeni and finishing in Muktinath: what do you think?

  3. I found flights 😉

  4. Linzy can you wait till the 12th?

  5. you can find me in instagram as andrealess13

    • Apologies for the slow response.
      It’s not going to work out this time, Andrea, but thanks for your interest and all the best with your plans.

  6. Hello Linzy!

    Have you already found somebody to partner up with for the permit requirement? I have a guide and also need a second person for the permit. I would like to start on November 7th from Kagbeni.