Upper Dolpo – Dunai to Jomson

Hi there,

I am departing on the upper Dolpa trek, travelling from Dunai, Phoksundo Lake, Shey Gompa, Saldang, Chharka, Jomson. I have organised a guide and porter (possibly two) from a reputable agency and they have offered a very good deal for the trek. We hope to travel quite light with a mix of camping and where there are lodges we stay in these. We will carry and cook our own food, tents etc.

Because of my work at an NZ University, I can’t start until November 9th – which is quite late in the season. This means there is a possibility the pass between Phoksundo Lake and Shey Gompa might be snowed in, in which case we will trek out via an alternative route through Dhorpatan park to Beni.

I have previously trekked in both Nepal (Everest, Langtang) and North India (Ladakh, Zanskar and others), so have some idea what I might be getting myself into…but it was quite a few years ago now and I’m not getting any younger.

This is a trek I have always wanted to do. 20 years ago I spent a month trekking through remote Zanskar and it is the most incredible thing I’ve ever done. I imagine this trip might be similar.

I’m going either way, but if anyone wants to join me get in touch.

New Zealand


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  1. Hi Ben, approx how many days will this be? Am not familiar with this trek, but will do some research, have previously done EBC, Tokyo Lakes, Annapurna Circuits and Base camp treks twice and this March i trekked in Langtang region. Pretty unfit at the moment, but 6 weeks is probably enough to get ready. Cheers, J

  2. Was also looking i to dolpa region but not until mid november. Ive done alot of hiking nepal, manaslu, kanchenjunga ythree passes twice. Been twice during the november to mid january and i loved the weather then. Its cold at night but clear and nice during the days. Anyway, let me knowif your dates are changable. I have a guide who ive used on all guided treks and i want to use him so that also might be a deal breaker. Cheers, j.c.