Upper Dolpo

Hi I intend to get into Kathmandu on the 15th August and head out to Dolpo a couple of days later. I have planned to do the trek in 18 days as I am quite a fast walker. I have a guide organised



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  1. Hi Ross,
    I just got information from Dil about you and I heard about you from one of Dil’s porter. I did with him one trek. I’m 68 but still in good shape.
    I plan to come to Nepal around 15-18 October and I want to do upper Dolpo. 18 days is a total or just only trek??? I think I have one more guy who wants to do it.

  2. Hi yes I get into Kathmandu on the 16th October and head out on the 18th I think . My trip is based on 18 days Kathmandu to Kathmandu which is a bit quicker than most itinerary’s as I am a pretty fast walker and don’t hang about. No rest days etc. i have a fabulous guide lined up with Dil.

    Here is my email to discuss more rtetlow17@gmail.com