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Hello everyone,

I, 63y and a CH citizen, am seeking 1-3 (max 5) trekking companions for treks in the Upper Dolpo (~22-24 days) starting 12.9.2022. We will employ a guide and a cook, and a small number of porters and/or livestock driver, but maintain a simple style, likely exclusively camping. The cost will be about about 110 USD per day, including airfares within Nepal. Due to complicate logistics, I suggest organizing through an agency. I don’t think you need extensive experience in Nepal for this, but you should have an idea of how you do up to 5000m (w acclimation) and otherwise have substantial backpacking, trekking and/or wilderness experience in mountain environments. Personal restraint and culturally appropriate behavior are essential. Serious inquiries only please. I am also looking for partners for a 22-day trek in the Limi valley, to start right after this trip.





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  1. Hi Peter, i am also in CH, female 50, of Indian origin with a lot of trekking experience. The dates you are proposing work really well for me. So it would be great to see if we can share plans and trek together

  2. Hello Momo. I have been in touch with several agencies. So far it looks like we’d need perhaps a couple more people to bring a Dolpo trek down to USD 110 all included. I found an agency that said they have an interested person for the Upper Dolpo trek starting in early October, but that might not work for you, right? How much flexibility do you have in your schedule? If we settled on some dates, we could look for more people, and perhaps reach a critical mass. –Peter

  3. I was thinking of the following itinerary, but in reverse because of the more moderate elevation gain:
    Day 01. 07/10/2022: Fly to Nepalgunj (150m.) -1 hour
    Day 02. 08/10/2022: Fly Nepalgunj – Jhupal (2475m) and trek to Dunai (2000m.) -3hour
    Day 03. 09/10/2022: Dunai – Chhepka (2840m): 6-7hrs.
    Day 04. 10/10/2022: Chhepka – Sumduwa (3110m):5-6hrs.
    Day 05. 11/10/2022: Sumduwa – Phoksundo Lake (3600m):3-4hrs
    Day 06. 12/10/2022: Ringmo – Lake North Camp (3630m.): 3-4 hrs.
    Day 07. 13/10/2022: North Camp – Kangla BC (4676m.): 5-6hrs.
    Day 08. 14/10/2022: Kangla BC – Shey Gompa (4400m.): 6-7hrs.
    Day 09. 15/10/2022: Rest & exploration day
    Day 10. 16/10/2022: Shey Gompa – Namgang Gompa (4360m.): 6-7hrs.
    Day 11. 17/10/2022: Namgang Gompa – Saldang (3770m):6-7hrs.
    Day 12. 18/10/2022: Saldang – Koma Village (4060m.): 5-6hrs.
    Day 13. 19/10/2022: Koma Village – Shimen Village (3850m.): 4-5hrs.
    Day 14. 20/10/2022: Shimen Village – Tinje Village (4110m.): 5-6hrs.
    Day 15. 21/10/2022: Tinje Village – Rapka (4550m.): 6-7hrs.
    Day 16. 22/10/2022: Rapka – Chharka Village (4284m.) crossing Mo La (5015m.): 7-8hrs.
    Day 17. 23/10/2022: Chharka – Dukot Village (4000m.): 5-6hrs.
    Day 18. 24/10/2022: Dukot – Pallo Khola (3800m.): 6-7hrs.
    Day 19. 25/10/2022: Pallo Khola – Gyareng Village (3700m.): 5-6hrs.
    Day 20. 26/10/2022: Gyareng Village – Kakot Village (3500m.): 5-6hrs.
    Day 21. 27/10/2022: Kakot Village – Musi Khola (2875m.): 5-6hrs.
    Day 22. 28/10/2022: Musi Khola – Tarakot (2520m.): 5-6hrs.
    Day 23. 29/10/2022: Tarakot – Dunai (2140m.): 5-6hrs.
    Day 24. 30/10/2022: Dunai – Juphal (2475m.): 2-3hrs.
    Day 25. 31/10/2022: Jhupal – Kathmandu via Nepalgunj

  4. Hi Peter,
    Thank you for sharing the details. The trek looks lovely. For my dates, i need to leave Nepal by the 14th of Oct at the latest, so early Oct dates may not work for me. I have sent you a pm with some further thoughts.

  5. Hi. The dates are not correct in the above itinerary. The second week in September is the target departure.

  6. Here is the breakdown of costs if our group were to reach ten trekkers. Some things would be more expensive with a smaller group, but many would stay the same:
    1. Flight tickets : KTM – Nepalgunj – Juphal and back to Kathmandu : USD 692 per person
    2. Special permits for Upper Dolpo : USD 500 per person
    3. Permit for Lower Dolpo : USD 40 per person
    4. Dolpo National Park : USD 30 per person
    5. 1 night accommodation in Nepalgunj including dinner : USD 35 per person
    6. Trekking arrangements : USD 75 per person per day
    a. 1.English speaking Guide
    b. 1 assistant guide
    c . 1 head cook
    d. 1 assistant cook
    e. 1 Sherpa
    d. 4 helper/porter
    e. 7 mules
    f. All necessary equipment /utensils for camping and kitchen
    g. Campsite fee
    h. BLD , tea coffee, snacks, boiled water to drink, etc
    If someone wants to comment, please go at it.

  7. Dear Momo,
    Would you please write to Dunbar Bajadur at Sisne Rover Trekking and inform him of your interest? His e-mail is: info@sisnerover.com. Please mention my name and the Upper Dolpo trek, to start in September. We need to find a few more people, but with two, we have the absolute minimum. Regards, Peter

  8. Hi Peter,
    Sounds pretty good and I will be happy to enjoy you but…, it’s to early. Few days ago I returned from Pakistan. I have another person who wants to do Dolpo but with a starting time in the middle of October. Good luck to you.