United States by feet and smiles

Hi!! I am an enthusiastic, smiling, happy, curious and sick-travel girl. I can’t wait to start my trip that will bring me to Ushuaia from Vancouver BC!
I am looking for a partner who can join with me from Canada to Mexico, sharing with me the first part of this amazing trip.
The idea is to cross the United States along the west coast.



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  1. Hi!! I am very interest in your trip from Canada to Mexico. Am 56 and a nature lover, let me know when you want to start and your plan is. i live in Las Vegas.

  2. Hello, I would be interested in discussing with you. I am currently planning on taking 2-4 months to do some hiking starting October 15th 2014 and hiking the west coast would be amazing. I am based in LA.

    • My email is (email omitted by moderator – please share via private message for your own privacy).


    • i like to meet you to talk about the trip. let me know were we could meet and plan the trip. i live in Las Vegas.