Namaste fellow travellers, I am looking for someone (+) terminally chill to do a short trek (up to 11 days) anywhere in Nepal. Can start from Kathmandu around 11th April, after completing my vipassana course. Currently looking at AC, would like to visit some villages. But anything possible, incl. hitchhiking for some stretches, camping, etc. Prefer DIY but hiring a guide possible. My wishes: pilgrim spots, finding my own shaligram, magic moments, magic mushrooms, swimming, meditating, keeping costs to the minimum. I am reasonably fit & equipped, can be focused if necessary but just don’t want to score any points or add anythig to any lists:), so looking for same attitude partner(s).



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  1. Still undecided?

  2. Hey Agnese,
    If you decide on doing ABC trek starting 11th from Pokhara, I would like to join. It is my first time and so don’t want to be doing it alone.

  3. Namaste Agnese,

    I am arriving in Kathmandu on April 14, 2017. So I can only join you for a trek thereafter. Let me know if you haven’t left for a trek till then. It would be also nice if we could catch up in Kathmandu over coffee or drinks and share our stories. I would love to know about your vipassana experience.